Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Will the ladies please stand up.

Once upon a time,women were meant to be seen and not heard,they were expected to be in the kitchen,but not anymore.Everywhere things are changing,hollywood has changed it all.From movies to the streets,women are now on top,taking the bull by the horns.
Its not hard to see women in all areas of business,offices doing the man's job and of course paying the bills.

In my country,this is even getting worse by the day.They do all these and still have time for their children.I really do not understand the men we have these days.Getting married is even a lot of hard work to get a very good guy that will stay true till the end.It is really something to think about and of course at the end of the day,visit the churches and see who is there to thank God the most-women.

There is a line i heard in the cartoon-RIO-and laughed about-a happy wife [or a happy girlfriend lol]  means a happy life-its true but what do our men do-it takes the grace of God to put up with these men of ours .Very recently we had the father's day and in my church all the men went home with promises for their ladies,but i can bet you that only 1 % did anything for them.

Ladies,seriously,how did you spend the father's day-with your father or with your husband or with your man friend[i mean a married man],and how was it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I apologise

Its been so long since i wrote,i apologise for leaving you my readers like that.It wont happen again,thats a promise.Also,i will be adding some wholesome christian articles that will add to your benefit.Please feel free to post your comment ,i will reply as soon as possible.As many that i have not replied to,i will respond soon and check all the sites.Thanks once again for coming to my page.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spare them from the evils of our day.

The times we live in are evil,moral decadence is on persistent increase. Infact it has become a norm. What a child grows up to become depends on the training and guidance she has received and the depth of the values inculcated in her. Has she or has he been brought to Christ.

These days it is not new to hear of children doing very funny things like getting pregnant ,raped or killed. It is times like this that we need to get back to our source and teach these children the basics. Dear Parent look at the children God has given you,are they doing well academically? Thank God,what of their spiritual lives?

The best time to start is when they are young and impressionable, fill their mind with God's word. It is absolutely necessary to check their school work as well as their spiritual lives. Pray for wisdom to wisdom to answer their inquisitive questions before they search for these answers in the media. Never be overprotective of your children to the extent of restricting them from normal healthy relationships,establish a prayer altar,they learn very fast. As a parent,the quality of your child's life is dependent on what you sow into him or her.

If however your child has been affected and made certain mistakes,assure them all is not lost. Pray for your child and constantly assure them. Teach them bible ways of coming out of those situations and God will crown your efforts with success.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kick out Rejection.

Its one of those days,when the glass is half empty. It seems everyone is getting married.getting new jobs ,having new things and events in their lives except you. Its beginning to sound like a conspiracy,nothing is in your favour and you are feeling frustrated and rejected. My sister,here is help for you.

You do not have to go out looking for attention when you have God. There is no one that has not had one thing to think of.We have all had a share of ups and downs. Though we all crave human attention and a shoulder to cry on,we can not depend on other people. It is only God the can complement you the way no one can.You have God's 100% undivided attention.

Rejection can be deadly,it robs you of your joy and can lead you to suicide.
To disarm Rejection focus on positive things,build a steady relationship with God and of course focus on giving.