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Will the ladies please stand up.

Once upon a time,women were meant to be seen and not heard,they were expected to be in the kitchen,but not anymore.Everywhere things are changing,hollywood has changed it all.From movies to the streets,women are now on top,taking the bull by the horns.
Its not hard to see women in all areas of business,offices doing the man's job and of course paying the bills.

In my country,this is even getting worse by the day.They do all these and still have time for their children.I really do not understand the men we have these days.Getting married is even a lot of hard work to get a very good guy that will stay true till the end.It is really something to think about and of course at the end of the day,visit the churches and see who is there to thank God the most-women.

There is a line i heard in the cartoon-RIO-and laughed about-a happy wife [or a happy girlfriend lol]  means a happy life-its true but what do our men do-it takes the grace of God to put up with these men of ours .Very recentl…

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